Enclosed vs. Open Desktop Pick and Place Machine

Enclosed vs. Open Desktop Pick and Place Machine

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In designing our desktop pick-and-place machine, we initially opted for a user-friendly approach by excluding a cover. Despite our initial perplexity regarding some customers' requests for a cover to prevent dust (assuming PCB production areas to be pristine, dust-free spaces), we prioritized user safety and incorporated a cover based on management decisions.

However, the practical implications revealed that the addition of a cover significantly increased the machine's volume and weight, consequently leading to higher shipping costs.

For those considering sea freight, the pick-and-place machine with a cover undoubtedly stands out as the optimal choice. On the other hand, if expedited shipping is the preferred method, careful consideration is advised before selecting the covered version of the pick and place machine.

The decision to add a cover was made to enhance user safety, but the subsequent increase in volume and weight poses challenges, particularly in terms of shipping expenses. If the flexibility of sea freight is an option, the covered machine becomes the more cost-effective choice. However, for those opting for express courier services, it's crucial to weigh the necessity of a covered pick-and-place machine against the potential increase in shipping costs.

Ultimately, our goal is to provide a comprehensive solution that not only prioritizes user safety but also offers cost-effective options for our valued customers. We encourage careful consideration of shipping methods and machine configurations to find the right balance between safety and affordability.


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