Pneumatic Feeder for Pick and Place Machine

Pneumatic Feeder for Pick and Place Machine

SMT Feeding is the most important part in the SMD pick and place process. A large quantity of components deliveried through the feeder and picked by the mounting heads.

ITECH automatic film stripping and collecting system is designed to feed the components by pneumatic.The uniquely designed system combine a front and rear stop with an anti-buckling guide for control and repeatability, which is not easy to jam and it's convenient to replace. The system is engineered to move the reel feeder with no buckling. Patent No.: ZL 2016 2 0973475.3

What's the advantages of pneumatic feeding system over other systems?

1. Lower required maintenance.

Compared to mechanical feeding systems, pneumatic feeder have less moving parts and typically require less maintenance.

2. Simple running.

Pneumatic devices have a greater force density than mechanical solutions, which enables them to be a smaller and lighter, lowering space needs and energy costs. They can be also installed without requiring complex software programming of controllers, as their operation is simpler with a single path of travel.

3. Good performance

It has been used for decades, pneumatic pick-and-place has benefited from technological advances, making these well-tested systems a valuable option for many applications. 

So pneumatic feeder widely used in SMT machines. And ITECH desktop pick and place machine with bulit-in air compressor. You don't have to buy extra air source. It's space save and cost effective.