SMT Machines Stock in EU !?

SMT Machines Stock in EU !?

Recently, some Chinese sellers have lied that their products are in stock in Europe in order to promote their products. But in fact they are not. I have an old client who also suffered from this. Two days ago, she told me that her old SMT Pick and Place machine stopped working. Because she urgently needed equipment to arrange production, she ordered from a seller who said they had inventory in Europe. However, after paying, she was told that there was no inventory in EU. They would ship the SMT machine from China, shipping time is nearly 1-2 months. This violated their original agreement.


I feel sad that this happened. This is a very kind customer, I know her in Y2023. At then, we just talked briefly and he made a fast decision to buy the reflow oven machine from me. Such a kind person was deceived, and I felt sorry for him. Orders obtained by deception are meaningless, at least in my opinion. Before we becomes a salesperson, we are human. The most basic thing as a human being is sincerity. Although through this inferior method, high sales performance can be achieved in a short period of time. But in the long run, it lost integrity and morality.


 I am writing this article to prevent people from being deceived like this again. If you have ever been deceived like this, please don’t be disappointed with Chinese sellers, because most Chinese sellers are still very friendly.


6 tips to identify whether SMT machines are truly in stock in Europe and avoid falling victim to misleading claims from unreliable suppliers.



  1. Research Reliable Suppliers: Start by researching and identifying reputable SMT machines manufacturers (Why buy the SMT Pick and Place Machine from Manufacturer directly? Not Trading company) with a proven track record of honesty and reliability. Look for reviews, ratings, and testimonials from other buyers to gauge their credibility.


  1. Contact Local Distributors or Retailers: Reach out to local distributors or retailers in Europe directly to inquire about the availability of the machines. They can provide you with accurate information about current stock levels and delivery timelines.


  1. Request Proof of Stock: Ask the supplier for proof of stock in Europe, such as photos of the machines in a warehouse or documentation showing inventory levels. It would be more reliable if you could make video calls to see the stock SMT machines. Genuine suppliers should be willing to provide such evidence to reassure potential buyers.


  1. Clarify Shipping and Delivery Details: If the supplier claims to have stock in Europe, clarify the shipping and delivery process. Ask for specific details about the shipping location, estimated delivery timeframes, and any associated costs.


  1. Beware of Red Flags: Be cautious of suppliers who pressure you to make a quick decision or provide vague or inconsistent information about stock availability. These could be potential red flags indicating dishonesty or misrepresentation.


  1. Use Escrow Services or Secure Payment Methods: Consider using escrow services or secure payment methods to protect yourself in case of any discrepancies or issues with the order. This can provide an added layer of security when dealing with suppliers, especially if you're unsure about their credibility.