What are SMT Machines?

What are SMT Machines?

Whats the SMT Machines?


SMT machine (Surface-mount technology) also called pick and place machine or chip mounter. The placement machine is a complex of mechanical-electrical-optical and computer control technology. It is a precise working robot. It gives full play to the high-tech achievements of modern precision machinery, electromechanical integration, photoelectric integration, and computer control technology to achieve high speed, high-precision, intelligent electronic assembly and manufacturing equipment. They do the jobs picking, displacement, alignment, and placement, then quickly and accurately place various electronic components on the designated pad position on the circuit board.


Pick and place machine is an extremely core equipment on the production line of the SMT Industry. Generally, the placement machine accounts for more than 60% of the total investment of the SMT production line, and the production capacity of the production line is mainly determined by the placement machine. The placement machine is located after the solder paste printing machine of the entire SMT production line.


What are the basic structural components of the placement machine?


  1. Frame: In the structure of the placement machine, the frame is the foundation of the machine, and all transmission, positioning, and transmission mechanisms are firmly fixed on it. At present, various forms of racks can be mainly divided into two types: integral casting type and steel plate welding type. However, since most types of placement machines and various feeders are also placed on them, the rack should have enough mechanical strength and rigidity.


  1. Transmission mechanism and support table: The transmission mechanism refers to the ultra-thin belt transmission system placed on the track. Its main function is to send the PCB that needs to be patched to the predetermined position, and then send the SMA to the predetermined position after the patch is completed. next process.


  1. X, Y positioning system: X, Y positioning system is not only the key mechanism of the placement machine, but also the main index for evaluating the accuracy of the placement machine. It includes X, Y transmission structure and X, Y servo system.


  1. Optical centering system: The centering of the placement machine means that the placement machine must ensure that the suction nozzle is sucked in the center of the component when picking up the component, so that the center of the component is consistent with the centerline of the spindle of the placement head.


  1. SMT head: The SMT head is the key part of the placement machine. After picking up the components, it can automatically correct the position under the control of the calibration system, and place the components accurately on the designated position.


  1. Feeder: The feeder occupies a large number and position in the placement machine, and its function is to provide the chip components SMC/SMD to the placement head according to a certain rule and order for accurate and convenient picking.


  1. Sensors: At present, a variety of sensors are installed in the placement machine, which can check the electrical performance of components. They are like the eyes of the placement machine, monitoring the normal operation of the machine at all times. The common ones are pressure sensors, negative pressure sensors and position sensors, etc. Generally speaking, the more sensors are used, the higher the level of intelligence of the placement machine.