5 Benefits of Pick and Place Machine PPM-A320VB

5 Benefits of Pick and Place Machine PPM-A320VB

What's the PNP Machine Difference Between PPM-A320VB and PPM-A320V? Reading 5 Benefits of Pick and Place Machine PPM-A320VB 3 minutes

Pick and place machines have become an essential part of the modern manufacturing environment, providing a customizable way to solve problems and ultimately increase companies' profit. If you're considering investing in SMT line for prototyping and small production line, please share the advantages of our pick and place machine PPM-A320VB with your team.


  • Precision

-Step Servo Motor. The closed-loop control system of position, velocity and torque perfectly solve the out of step problem which caused by the stepper motor.

-Silver Linear Guide. SMT Pick and Place Machine PPM-A320VB, the X, Y axis adopts Silver Linear Guide, which has high precision, fast speed, wear resistance and good stability. While the desktop pick and place machine on the market, the main shaft is still optical axis, the service life is short and easy to wear, and the accuracy is low.


  • Flexibility

Pick-and-place machine are extremely flexible. PPM-A320VB is suitable for a wide range of components. And it’s very flexible with 54pcs reel feeder. Left side: 30pcs *8mm feeder; Right side: 10pcs *8mm, 8pcs *12mm, 4pcs *16mm, 2pcs *24mm. TOTAL: 54PCS Feeders. And one more vibratory feeder with 5 tubes for option. Very good for R&D prototyping.


  • Durable

More Wide and Thick Belt keeps longer usage time and higher accuracy.

PPM-A320VB is pneumatic needle pulling, the advantage is that the pulling power is determined by the air pressure, and it will not cause the needle and SMD to be stuck due to long-term use. While other low cost desktop PNP machines use solenoid valve - long-term use will reduce the strength, easy to get stuck, easy to crash.


  • Stable Feeding

The film collecting mechanism is similar to the Yamaha feeder. The film is collected in a wheel type, which is not easy to jam and is convenient to replace the reel. It’s differ from the other models adopts the form of roll film - easy to crack, the film collection force is unstable, the film is easily torn off, and reel replacement is troublesome.


  • Fully equipped

Pick and place machine PPM-A320VB with built-in industrial PC, Monitor, Keyboard and Mouse. The user can use it freely when receive the pick and place machine. PC is more convenient to do the after sales service.