Customize Your Solder Reflow Oven

Customize Your Solder Reflow Oven

Temperature Profile Setting of SMT Reflow Oven Reading Customize Your Solder Reflow Oven 2 minutes

Reflow machine is used for soldering of surface mount electronic components onto PCBs. In the past, SMT reflow ovens were large, expensive and limited to commercial units. With the popularity of the DIY movement, reflow ovens have come down in size and price to make them affordable to hobbyists. And it widely used for multi-purpose when the soldering oven customized.


  • Add the height of product passing through furnace

The standard machine is for 20mm height PCBA, if your PCBA is high, we can customize it for 10cm PCB passing.


  • Stop automatically of conveyor belt

After the reflow oven switch on, the conveyor belt will run all the time. If it's not online reflow oven production line and the people don't take away the PCBA at the end of conveyor, the PCBA will fall down. So It's friendly if add the function - the conveyor stop automatically if the PCBAs are not taken away and run continuously once taking.


  • Add the Teflon tape on the conveyor belt

The PCB oven designed is better than the drying oven on the market. The temperature curve is friendly for drying, and more precision. Good for bottle printing drying, water remover, and so on.


  • Meanwhile, we can Customize the machine body color, blue and gray for option.