How Pick and Place Machine works?

How Pick and Place Machine works?

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The automatic pick and place machine is a device used to realize high-speed and high-precision automatic placement of components. It is the most critical and complex equipment in the entire SMT production. After place the solder paste on the PCB, it’s time to pick and place the SMD. Let’s show how pick and place machine works.


Main process: Entering the board and fixing the PCB - nozzle selection - feeder selection - component picking - component detection - displacement positioning - component placement - board output


1. The pcb board to be mounted enters the work area of the placement machine and is fixed at the predetermined position;


2. The component passes through the feeder and is installed to the position picked up by the placement head of the placement machine according to the position set by the program


3. The placement head moves to the suction position, turns on the vacuum, and the suction nozzle sucks the corresponding component set by the program through negative pressure, and then detects whether the component is sucked by the sensor;


4.The placement head reads the component characteristics of the component library and compares them with the picked components (such as appearance, size, etc.) through the visual recognition and positioning system. If they do not match, the components will be thrown into the waste box. position and angle calculations;


5. According to the set program, the placement head moves to the position set by the program, and the center of the component coincides with the mounting position of the PCB board;


6. The placement head lowers the suction nozzle to the height set by the program (the mounting height of the component is set in advance in the program library), turns off the vacuum, and mounts the component to the corresponding pad of the PCB;


7. After all PCB components are placed, the suction nozzle returns to its position, and the PCB is transported to the next SMT process through the track. Repeat this process to complete more PCB placement work.