SMT Machine Cost

SMT Machine Cost

In the SMT production line, the process usually consists of three classic processes: printing, mounting, and reflow soldering. Among them, SMD processing is the core process, and the assembly work is completed through a special SMT equipment - SMT machine. A qualified pick and place machine needs to meet three basic requirements: stable, accurate and fast. Buying a cheap and high-quality placement machine is the ultimate dream of every enterprise, so how much the SMT pick and place machine? And what are the factors that determine the price of the SMT equipment placement machine?


1. Mounting range/difficulty

A machine that can solve problems is a good machine. Now there are more and more precision products, and the placement components are not only small but also diverse in shape. Only a placement machine with sufficient precision can solve the high and precise placement requirements.


2. Mounting speed

The faster the placement machine, the higher the productivity of the production line and the higher the production efficiency of the enterprise, which also means that the cost of manpower and material resources of the enterprise is reduced accordingly.


3. Mounter structure

There are imported and domestic brands of placement machines, and the price difference is also large for different equipment structures. The main core components of the placement machine such as screw, drive motor, guide rail, etc. will also affect the performance and stability of the placement machine in the side direction.


In addition to the above three factors, the price of SMT equipment placement machine, program control, after-sales service, accessories and consumables are also very important factors. The price of imported placement machines has high comprehensive performance, but it is expensive. At present, domestic chip mounters have more advantages than imported ones. Cheap price but high quality, it’s more cost-effective. $11,000 to get SMT pick and place machine