How to make the maintenance for Pick and Place Machine?

How to make the maintenance for Pick and Place Machine?

The Letter to the Buyer

Hello, Everybody, Many thanks for purchasing our desktop SMT pick and place machine PPM-A320VB.

For now, it’s your machine. Please take care of the machine like your baby. How you take care of your baby, then how you take care of this machine. :”) You may spend a lot of money on your baby, while the good news is that it’s the low maintenance cost machine. And it’s easy to make the maintenance.

First, its well known that you should keep the pick and place machine clean everyday.

  • Clean the nozzle tip, PCB camera, component cameras and machine body with soft cloth.
  • Take out the waste material from the table surface and clean with hairbrush if necessary.

This is the routine maintenance you need to do.

Second, weekly scheduled maintenance. 

  • Check if any dirt on the belt of X and Y-axis.
  • If the lubricating grease on the slide rail of X and Y axis is harden, please remove it and place slight new grease.
  • Check if the suction nozzles are clogged, add liquid oil timely.

Third, monthly scheduled maintenance.

  • Replace the LED part if it’s not bright enough.
  • Replace the O-rings when you find it’s aged.
  • Check if any loose on synchronous belt of X and Y axis, tension it if necessary.
  • Clean the dirt on slide rail of X, Y and Z axis and place slight new lubricating oil.  
  • Clean the dirt on PCB clamping guide axis and place the anti-rust oil.
  • Clean the dirt on air cylinder of pulling needle and place the lubricating oil.
  • Check if any loose on external O-rings of nozzle base, replace it if necessary

 Annual maintenance.

  • Check if the power is connected with the electrical box well.
  • Replace with the new parts if any parts wears or aged.

Maintain the machine is not only to make sure the stability and accuracy of the mounting, but also to extend the machine life. Keep it in your mind and save your money.

Thanks for your reading and Have a nice day :”)