Say Goodbye to Outsourcing of SMT Line

Say Goodbye to Outsourcing of SMT Line

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For Prototyping

Whether you're creating a new product, doing research, or just making something for fun.

For Production

Perfect for running small production batches. 

Our desktop pick and place machine PPM-A320VB is the best choice for you. You can get more jobs done in less space with the pick and place machine. 

Switch effortlessly from full volume to batch size one. And handle a wider range of components with uncompromising production quality, total stock accuracy and complete traceability down to individual PCB serial number.

PPM-A320VB is a highly-configurable precision SMT pick and place machine.

  • No more expensive, frustrating and risky outsourcing of SMT production – automatic SMD pick and place machine gives you control of the process and of your time and money.
  • Avoid the Pains of Outsourcing to an Assembly House.
  • Flexibly assemble on-demand and without worrying about setup fees or minimum order quantity.
  • Have a peace of mind your PCBs will be assembled correctly. You know more about your own board design than anyone else.
  • Source your own components to optimize quality and costs without being limited by the selection available from an assembly house.
  • Flexibly iterate your PCB design until it’s perfect without having to pay for multiple production runs or significantly increasing the cycle time.
  • Flexibly implement quality control yourself. If something is defective, stop assembly mid-batch before further resources are wasted.
  • Avoid having to ship your PCBs back to the assembly house for reworking.

  • No need to wait long turnaround times due to:
  1. the procurement of required parts through the assembly house’s purchasing department, a process which is much slower than you buying your own parts online with a few mouse clicks.
  2. Having your job wait in the assembly house’s production queue while their machines are busy with other jobs.

So why not bring the pick and place machine in-house and enjoy it freely?

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